Тема: Любопытная статья о том, как финский журналист Нокию спасал


Собственно, нам она любопытна вот этим эпизодом:

All of a sudden he went silent. He looked directly in my eyes and said: “This conversation is in confidence, isn’t it?”

I assured him that it was.

He continued:

“I agree completely with everything that you wrote in your letter and with what you have said now.”

I was astounded.

“I agree completely with you and I want to apologise on behalf of Nokia for producing a bad telephone for you.”

Then the manager started to tell about how a top-secret project had been launched at Nokia for the design of a completely new operating system. It would result in new kinds of telephones. They would be easy to use and they would change everything.

I met the same manager again a few years later.

Then I found out that he had been talking about the MeeGo. However, the project made slow progress, and finally the new CEO Stephen Elop shelved it completely.

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